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About Us

Thank you for visiting Van Sales Direct.


Who are we?

Van Sales Direct was established in 2010 and currently provides over 250 convenience retailers, cash and carry outlets and food service retailers cakes, bread and other long-life bakery products across Scotland. Van Sales Direct are the sole distributor of Mr. Kipling, Cadbury & Lyons for Scotland for independent convenience stores and cash & carry outlets. We have a team of 6 Van Salespeople who get the products moving and a hands on company director who will ensure your cake sections are performing to their maximum potential.

How do we operate? 

Here at Van Sales Direct we offer full management of your cake sections if your store is in Central Scotland.

Upon each visit to your location we will take stock and base your next order in line with your needs. The frequency of our visits is agreed mutually and is tailored to the specific needs of your store, this can be weekly fortnightly or even monthly. 

All our products are price flashed.

We offer full re-merchandising of your cake sections to get them looking inviting to the customer.


Don't worry if you are not in Central Scotland as you can still order our products from the website which will be delivered via a courier.